*Simple Google Maps is an interactive google map with one address attached to it. Advanced Google Maps contain and interactive map associated with multiple stores with a built in get directions feature and interactive pop up display information on the map itself.

*We optimize our websites for search engines with such techniques as MetaData Tags, key words, clean links, and breadcrumbs; however, there are no guarantees that your website will place first on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If this is an important feature for your website, please contact a SEO company that specializes in search engines optimization.

*Basic spam protection is provided. Advanced spam protection is provided by third party services and requires an additional monthly fee.

*All content management systems are built differently. Some content management systems may require additional costs depending on the difficulty and labor to build the system.

*Advanced flash animation is available at $50.00 per hour.

*Email Addresses can only be created under the domain it is registered under. If we host your domain, our email prices are advertised as above. If you own your own domain, the email address must be set up under your account. In most cases, one email address is included with each domain. Warnermoto can set up one email account under your domain account free of charge. You will be responsible for paying and renewing your email address(es) with your current provider.

*Product variations are not the same as product categories. When entering a product information, some products may require different fields than other products. For example clothes and plants may have a set of different fields. Each set or custom product fields is called a variation.

*If additional products are needed please contact us.

*Warnermoto is not responsible for any transactions or server problems occurring on Amazon.com.

*Warnermoto is not responsible for any transactions or server problems occurring through google checkout.

*Warnermoto is not responsible for any transactions or server problems occuring through paypal.

*Additional monthly fees for third party credit card payment processing systems.

*Additional Shipping costs may occur for third party companies such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

No contracts are required for automatic debits on the month to month plan. However, if you are paying by check or a one time credit card payment, a 6-month contract is required.

Our prices above are structured for small business websites. If your company is of a medium to large business, extra fees may apply. For more additional information please contact us at 619-550-8426.